Otterjet - Online Art Gallery - Original Paintings and Collage

Original artwork – under $200

Welcome to Otterjet. OJ is an online gallery created and curated by Tim Thayer. Showing and selling only original work, OJ’s mission is to offer unique work at a great price. We want original work to be accessible to almost any budget…because it’s just so great to own a unique piece of art.

What is “original” artwork?

Work intended to be one of a kind, created by hand, unique painting, collage, drawing,  or sculpture.

What is not “original” artwork?

We don’t offer any prints,¬†giclees, lithographs, silk screens, or photographic prints. Not that we think those works aren’t “real” art – just that we have a special place in our hearts for a unique work. In the world of mass production it’s nice to have a single object be the focus of the artist’s attention for that one moment in time. We believe there is something deeper and meditative that is carried through to the object. Some artists may use stencils or even silk screen – but then also continue the work by hand (so no two works of art are exactly alike).

What if I want to return a work?

Sure – but you will have to pay for return shipping. Refunded payment is done only through PayPal.

Can I submit work to sell at Otterjet?

Currently not accepting submissions. Artists are shown here are by invite only. We are very selective as we wish to grow slowly and organically. We may open up artist submissions in the future.

What is the commission rate for artists?

80/20 artist/Otterjet.

Interior Designer Discount?

Receive a 20% discount on all work – email Tim at with a link to your website and we will send you a discount code.

Commisions and/or larger work?

Yes. Email Tim at


Email Tim at